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We can't wait to meet you! Our simple application process involves a filling out a quick form and a 30 minute conversation with our Founder. From there, you'll be on your way to new contacts and opportunities in no time.


As consultants and freelancers, our primary limitations are our bandwidth and our relationships. We Are Boosters offers resources and community intended to expand our each of our businesses and better serve our clients. Though we often work individually, support from the We Are Boosters community helps us grow and thrive.

Build relationships with influencer marketing talent all over the country. Chat, ask questions, and share resources instantly through our We Are Boosters Slack group.

Need new clients? Generate business from referrals when you’re available for projects. Have an inquiry you can’t take on? Delegate to experts in every niche of the industry, from vertical (gaming, beauty, CPG) to role (strategy, talent sourcing, campaign management, etc.)

Easy access to resources and recommendations to support the admin side of your business (legal support, contracts, help registering an LLC, etc.)


We Are Boosters is free to join, but talent is vetted based on their background, goals and areas of expertise. Our mission is to unite and elevate individuals with a proven track record in developing and/or executing influencer marketing programs across many brands and businesses.

Qualifications to join We Are Boosters include (but are not limited to):

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in influencer strategy or influencer campaign management.

  • Thorough understanding of all relevant influencer content types and platforms.

  • Direct relationships with talent & talent managers

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