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Our Favorite Influencer Industry Resources

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

From daily newsletters to podcasts, there are plenty of free resources out there to keep professionals informed of the happenings of the influencer marketing industry and beyond. Just like learning a new subject in school, being consistent with educating ourselves about our industry, especially if it is something new to us, is the key to our success and growth. Whether someone is a seasoned influencer marketing manager or a novice to the industry, it is important to always be in the loop with the industry’s latest trends, updates, news, and general lingo.

Here are a few top go-to sources for Influencer Marketing content:


InfluenceWeekly is a great starting point to keep up with new brand deals, talent agencies, influencer platforms, social media trends, job opportunities, and more. To receive the weekly newsletter, simply go to their sign-up page to get emails about what's new in the business of the influencer industry at large. InfluenceWeekly is great because it provides a quick summary of the week’s industry happenings, all in the swipe of a finger.


If someone is in a time crunch during their morning commute, or simply looking for something to listen to and learn from during your daily walk, podcasts are a great way to learn about an industry from the experts. One of the best ones is Planet Upload, hosted by former Facebook/ Instagram exec Lauren Schnipper and Tubefilter co-founder Joshua Cohen. The new podcast provides an expert perspective on the social media landscape, creators, industry news, and more. Recent episodes include “Is TikTok’s algorithm really that good?”, “What’s next for Patreon and its’ $1.2 billion valuation?”, “TikTok vs. Reels”, and many more.


Creators, this one's for you! If your content has been pirated and uploaded across platforms and you can't keep up- Superbam is essential. They claim and monetize your IP across platforms, earning you back $100s if not $1000s of dollars that you'd otherwise fore-go. Pro-tip: the sooner you start working with them, the better so that you don't continue to miss out on revenue others are earning off of your content in real time.


From social media industry news and happenings to influencer marketing weekly benchmarks and statistics, Influencer Marketing Hub is a great resource for industry professionals looking for both social media and influencer marketing tools and news. Recent articles include What is Triller?, 15 Instagram Reels Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind, Influencer Marketing: A Covid-Proof Blueprint for Brands, and more. Check out their 2020 State of Influencer Marketing: Benchmark Report below.

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